Commercial Cold Press Oil Extractor

Commercial Cold Press Oil Extractor

Elevate Your Business by Browsing Karaerler's Commercial Cold Press Oil Extractor

Karaerler Makina, a name synonymous with excellence in machine production with a dedicated team of 25 employees. Today, we proudly present our Commercial for Cold Press Oil Extractor the entirety of Turkey.

Equipped with six CNC Machines, Karaerler Machine actively produces every product with precision. What sets us apart is that all our machines are meticulously designed for long-term operation. This means you can rely on a seamless performance, with no need for spare parts, making it the choice of every successful business.

Our vision and mission drive us towards continuous growth and development. We aim to become a global leader in machinery manufacturing, with a sharp focus on ensuring a guaranteed price-performance relationship. We're determined to provide machines of higher quality than the general market.

One of our products, the Commercial Cold Press Oil Extractor, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. This machine features a patented DOUBLE BEARING SYSTEM, paired with a GERMAN MOTOR and GERMAN REDUCER. The advantages of this machine are irresistible: it's incredibly durable, consumes 50% less energy than comparable models, and has more windings, thanks to its exclusive production for Karaerler Machinery. The DOUBLE BEARING SYSTEM enhances machine longevity, prevents overheating, allows smoother transmission rotation, and effortlessly handles the toughest seeds.

We've ensured online technical support is available whenever you need it, and our machine is designed to operate for many years. From maintenance to safety precautions, we've covered it all. Plus, our machine can extract oil from a wide array of seeds and nuts, from Black Cumin to Tomato Seeds, and everything in between.

Rest assured, Karaerler's machines are accredited with ISO, CE, and Conformity Certificates, as well as Domestic Goods Certificates. When you choose our Commercial Cold Press Oil Extractor, you're investing in the success and growth of your business. Make a big commercial move today and embrace excellence with Karaerler