Karaerler Cold Press Oil Machines

Karaerler Makina is the only plant that develops and manufactures cold press oil machines of the KARAERLER brand and the NF model. Every part and every raw material that is used in our machines is delivered in the highest quality and processed by experienced employees. We work with leading quality companies that have proven themselves worldwide for motors, gears and motor drivers... (converters)

The cold pressing technique is a screw press and the oil of all types of oil seeds and nuts can be pressed at 38 degrees Celsius. Because our machines run a completely mechanical process, no chemicals or additional inputs are required. The product is cold-pressed in its most natural form and the oil quality is fully preserved. Cold-pressed natural oils extracted from a wide variety of products have many uses from the food industry to pharmaceutical production.

Our machines are optimized for 4 goals in oil pressing. (1) To remove as much oil as possible from the product used, (2) to maximize product pressing capacity, (3) to use very little energy, (4) to minimize the need for filters in the oil produced. When used at the recommended efficient capacities, less than 6% oil remains in the pulp and can be operated 24/7 without interruption. With these machines you can easily extract oil from coconut, black cumin, almond, poppy seed, sesame and many other products.

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