Cold Oil Press Machine Commercial

Cold Oil Press Machine Commercial

Welcome to Karaerler's Cold Oil Press Machine Commercial

At Karaerler, we've been revolutionizing the culinary landscape since 2012. With a team of 25 dedicated employees. Today, we proudly introduce the Cold Oil Press Machine Commercial entirety of Turkey, and our commitment to top-tier production has garnered us a place in the hearts of countless satisfied customers.

Karaerler operates under the Ministry of Science and Technology's watchful eye and holds coveted certifications, including the CE Certificate and Capacity Report. We take pride in delivering exceptional service and producing an extensive range of products, surpassing raw material manufacturing.

With a growing number of exports, we're not just contributing to economic growth but also expanding our team with expert personnel joining us every day. Our aim is to ascend as a global leader in machinery manufacturing thanks to effective Cold Oil Press Machine Commercial.

We are proud to make our Cold Oil Press Machine Commercial, boasting a patented DOUBLE BEARING SYSTEM and utilizing a GERMAN MOTOR and GERMAN REDUCER. The advantages of this machine are compelling: it's exceptionally durable, consuming 50% less energy than comparable models, and meticulously designed for Karaerler Machinery. The DOUBLE BEARING SYSTEM enhances machine longevity, prevents overheating, ensures smoother transmission rotation, and withstands the pressure of even the toughest seeds.

The applications of our Cold Oil Press Machine Commercial are limitless because we want to provide enabled craft healthy, naturally produced cold-pressed oils in your commercial kitchen. The easy cleaning and maintenance, along with rigorous safety precautions, make it an ideal choice. You can extract oils from a wide array of seeds and nuts, from Black Cumin to Tomato Seeds, and beyond.

Our commitment to quality is backed by ISO, CE, and Conformity Certificates, as well as Domestic Goods Certificates. With Karaerler, you're not just buying a machine; you're investing in a culinary journey, one where excellence is the key ingredient