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Karaerler Makina, who has been effectively active since 2012, addresses the whole of Turkey with 25 employees. Our company started with the motto "Healthy Eating Comes From Quality Machines" and has been preferred by a wide range of people since its inception for its quality production. Karaerler Makine actively manufactures with 6 CNC machines. All machines manufactured by our company are designed to last for many years. No spare parts are required in the machines produced. In this way, it can be actively used by machines that comply with the food regulation.

Our company called Karaerler Makine works under the control of the Ministry of Science and Technology. With the CE certificate and the capacity report, our company provides its customers with high service standards. A large number of finished and finished products come from the factory where the raw materials go. For this reason, the manufacture of many other products as raw materials is carried out by Karaerler Makine.

The steels to be used in production are carefully selected by many specialists in our company. All main devices used are purchased from proven brands around the world. In this way, the quality of the products manufactured by our company is at a high level. Our company, which has sold to hundreds of companies within Turkey's borders, generally values ​​foreign exports. Our company, which serves a total of 6 continents, is in constant communication with 60 countries. With the steadily growing export, the employment created by Karaerler Makina is also increasing, so that skilled workers are added to our company every day.

Our Vision

Karaerler Makine is growing and developing day by day in accordance with the following strategies. Our company, which manufactures various machines, aims for continuous growth and becomes the leading machine manufacturer first in Turkey and then worldwide. In accordance with this purpose, the quality of service has been increased by management and staff, and buyers have been satisfied with the service provided at higher rates.

Our Task

Karaerler Makine has started production to ensure that the equipment it produces is of higher quality compared to the market. The company builds a guaranteed price-performance ratio and strives to use the products it produces for many years without any problems. For this reason, all manufactured products are brought together for this purpose.

Our Certificates

markatescil benart iso9001 kapasite-raporu ce-pure-makinesi ce-sogukpres-yag-makineleri ce-tahin-makinası ce-öğütme makinesi sanayisicil-belgesi-son-hali